Why Sidewalk Shaving?

When it comes to  Concrete Trip Hazard removal, Walkway Trip Hazard Removal and Sidewalk Trip Hazards the SIDEWALK Shaving is your local expert to save you time and money.

SIDEWALK Shaving has specialized with trip hazard removal for over 18 years now.  We have been covering the eastern part of Missouri and southern Illinois since 2005. We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every project.

While we do work for government agencies we also work with apartments, condos, strip malls, small businesses, and privately owned properties to remove concrete trip hazards to avoid potential injuries and liabilities. 

Services we offer to help our clients to avoid injuries and liabilities are:

  • Concrete Trip Hazard Shaving

  • Walkway Trip Hazard Removal

  • Cement Trip Hazard Removal

  • Sidewalk Trip Hazards


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We provide free estimates and proposals which include all trip hazards that fall within the limits of your instructions.

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Serving the Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois


. . . The Authorty was very pleased with the services of Sidewalk Shaving. They provided excellent workmanship and were efficient and courteous with work completed in a timely manner.
— Mark Cartee, Executive Director Hayti Housing Authority Hayti Heights Housing Authority
I am only sorry that I did not call Sidewalk Shaving sooner to do our pool deck. The work is effective and looks very neat as well as eliminated the trip hazards.
— Josh L. Reece Williamsburg Square Townhomes



All items listed on the proposal will comply with standards set forth in the ADA for trip hazard removal in existing concrete sidewalks.

Our Promise

SIDEWALK Shaving  strives to have superior customer service, coupled with excellent craftsmanship. We’re here to assist you with any aspect of customer service. If any questions arise as you surf through our site, please call us at 314-276-6715.